Friday, February 19, 2010

"Grab and Go" Diaper Bag Set

After my little one was born I was constantly going through the mental checklist when packing the diaper bag: burp cloth, wipes, paci clip, bib, receiving blanket, etc. I was so afraid I would forget something! That inspired us to create the perfect "Grab and Go" set for the diaper bag. The set includes all the essentials you will need for the diaper bag and they match!! Each item can be purchased separately or we have two sets. The Basic "Grab and Go" features the "Grow With Me- adjustable bib", Custom wipe case, Personalized Burp Cloth. The Deluxe version features the basic plus a monogrammed receiving blanket and the matching paci clip.

Basic "Grab and Go"
(Includes: "Grow With Me adjustable bib, Custom Wipe Case, Personalized Burp Cloth)

Deluxe "Grab and Go"
(Above Basic plus: Monogrammed Receiving Blanket, matching paci clip)

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